MLTS Coordinating Committee: Agendas and Minutes

DESCRIPTION: The Mammoth Lakes Trail System Coordinating Committee (MLTS CC) was established by Town Council on February 15, 2012, by unanimous action taken on Agenda Bill File No. 940-10. Its purpose is to review, recommend, prioritize, and allocate funding to trails-related recreation projects on an annual basis, with an initial appropriation from Measure R for fiscal year 2012/2013 of $300,000 from Measure R, in support of the Town's adopted Trail System Master Plan and other sources.

MLTS CC Recommendations to the Recreation Commission, 06/07/12: Click here to download!

MEETING SCHEDULE: The Committee currently meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the Town/County Conference Room, but may alter its meeting schedule and/or location at its own discretion.


September 12, 2012: Meeting Agenda

August 28, 2012: Meeting Agenda

August 3, 2012: Meeting AgendaMeeting Minutes

July 25, 2012: Meeting AgendaMeeting Minutes

July 11, 2012: Meeting AgendaMeeting Minutes

June 28, 2012: Meeting AgendaSummer of Stewardship 2012 MLTPA/FOI Budget (06/22/12)MLTS Website Update (06/28/12)Meeting Minutes

June 7, 2012: Meeting AgendaBudget Worksheet: topsheetBudget Worksheet: allocationsMeeting Minutes 

May 30, 2012: Meeting AgendaMeeting Minutes

May 23, 2012: Meeting AgendaMatrix Buckets: 05/15/12Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2012: Meeting AgendaProject Matrix: 05/06/12Project Synopses: 05/06/12
Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2012: Meeting AgendaMeeting Minutes

April 11, 2012: Meeting AgendaMeeting Minutes

March 29, 2012: Meeting AgendaMeeting Minutes

March 14, 2012: Meeting AgendaMeeting Minutes


TOWN STAFF ASSIGNMENT: Pam Kobylarz-Heays, Administrative Assistant to the Town Manager: (760) 934-8989, ext. 223,



Chair: Dave Wilbrecht, Town Manager

Vice-Chair: Sean Turner, Recreation Commissioner

Commissioner: Sandy Hogan, Mobility Commission Chair

Commissioner: Bill Sauser, Recreation Commission Chair

Commissioner: Jim Smith, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Vice-President

Commissioner: Bill Taylor, MLTPA Foundation Board Member

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