Lakes Basin and Sherwins Area Trail Enhancement Project - 2020

Project Description: The Lakes Basin and Sherwins Area Trail Enhancement Project proposed to construct approximately 15 miles of new multi-use, non-motorized trails located in the Sherwins and Lakes Basin area. The concept trails were intended to improve user dispersion and experience, reduce informal user-created trails, protect natural resources, and minimize environmental damage through sustainable U.S. Forest Service design specifications and maintenance in partnership with the Town of Mammoth Lakes. Per law, regulation, and policy, trail construction may only proceed following environmental studies and review by the U.S. Forest Service and a final decision authorizing construction by the Mammoth Ranger District.

Project Update: In a letter dated November 8th, 2020, the Mammoth Ranger District issued a response to the many public comments that were received for the proposed project, and offered a newly revised proposed action for moving forward. District Ranger Gordon Martin’s revision will focus on the portion of the proposed action plan pertaining to the “Lakes Basin Connector Trails” connecting Twin Lakes, Lake Mamie and Horseshoe Lake with new multi-use, non-motorized trails within the Mammoth Lakes Basin. In response to “issues raised by the public, state agencies, and preliminary input provided by INF resource specialists” District Ranger Martin made the decision to alter the original project scope by removing the proposed trail segment through Solitude Canyon, finding that “…Solitude Canyon provides a greater value as a natural and informal dispersed use area; and that limited resources would be better spent improving existing system and user created trails.” See below to download and review District Ranger Martin’s letter, and remember to check this webpage for updates as the “Lakes Basin Connector Trails” project moves forward.  

District Ranger Revision to Proposed Action Letter

Click above to view the USFS letter from Mono and Mammoth Lakes District Ranger Gordon Martin to inform interested parties of the current status of the “Lakes Basin and Sherwins Area Trail Enhancement Project” on Nov. 8, 2020.

USFS Public Scoping Notice

Click above to view the USFS Public Scoping Notice provided to the public from June 8, 2020 through July 8, 2020. Public comments on the project were collected and reviewed by the Forest Service.

Trail Alignment Studies

Click above to view the Trail Alignment Studies that were conducted by the Sherwins Area Recreation Plan Trails Technical Committee (SHARP TTC) and The Lakes Basin Special Study Trails Technical Committee (LABSS TTC) to prepare alignments for environmental analysis and construction.

Sherwins Area Recreation Plan - 2009

Click above to visit the web page for the Sherwins Area Recreation Plan (SHARP) as created by Sherwins Working Group. Adopted by Town Council 2011 along with the new Trail System Master Plan.

Trail System Master Plan

Click above to visit MLTPA's download page for the Town of Mammoth Lakes "Trail System Master Plan (TSMP)" adopted by the Town in 2011. The TSMP updated the Town’s 1991 Trails Plan via the Concept and Master Planning (CAMP) process initiated by MLTPA in 2007.

Mammoth Lakes Trail System: Trail News/Lakes Basin and Sherwins Area Trail Enhancement Project

Click above to view Mammoth Lakes Trail System’s “Trail News” blog post from June, 2020 covering the Lakes Basin and Sherwins Area Trail Enhancement Project.

Walk, Bike, Ride Action Plan

Proposed alignments provide important linkages as part of the Mammoth Loop Trail that was conceptualized and described as a proposal from the Walk, Bike, Ride Action Plan to develop a Multi-Modal Bicycle, Pedestrian, Transit and Parking Action Plan. Click the link above to view more.

Public Outreach Index for MLTS Trail Development (2010 - 2020): Lakes Basin and Sherwins Area Trail Enhancement Project

Click above to view the Mammoth Lakes Trail System's comprehensive index of public meetings discussing SHARP, LABSS and LBSATEP. Available agendas and minutes pertinent to the development of LBSATEP are linked.

LBSATEP Photo Gallery

A gallery of photos related to the Lakes Basin Sherwins Area Trail Enhancement Project

Last Updated - November 24, 2020