Kenji Haroutunian Kickoff / Luis Benitez Keynote

PRESENTED BY: Mammoth Lakes Recreation


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Kick off: Kenji Haroutunian is the former director of the Outdoor Retailer Show produced by the Outdoor Industry Association and has seen firsthand the positive impacts of the emerging outdoor recreation movement.  A leader in the industry, Kenji will share his insight for how sustainable outdoor recreation can be a strong pillar of a destination’s economic development strategy.

Keynote: Luis Benitez, mountaineer and the director of the State of Colorado’s Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, will kick off the Summit with an opening night presentation on the Eastern Sierra’s unique place in the growing outdoor recreation movement. Benitez is a widely respected mountain guide, having scaled the highest points on each of the seven continents a total of 32 times. The first time he summited Everest in 2001, he guided blind mountaineer Erik Weihenmayer.

Luis Benitez - biography

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Kenji Haroutunian - Biography

Bio information for kick off presenter Kenji Haroutuian, consultant and former director of the Outdoor Retailer Show.

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