Mono County Recreation Access Tool (MCRAT)

Project Description: Modeled after MLTPA's 2006 GIS Inventory Contract with the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Phase 1 of MCRAT was initiated by MLTPA and Friends of the Inyo (FOI) in 2009 and contracted with Mono County in January 2010 to create a comprehensive inventory of outdoor-recreation access points within the county boundaries. By August 2010, 643 individual points accessing one or more of 71 different winter and summer recreation activities had been identified by MLTPA and FOI through published sources such as guidebooks and developed into a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database.

Phase 2 of MCRAT sought to expand on the work done in Phase 1 through field verification of all the points identified and developed in Phase 1 and by augmenting that dataset with high-quality, original images gathered during the field-verification process. A total of 6,960 high-resolution photos of MCRAT access points have been delivered to Mono County and are tagged to represent site documentation, signage, facilities present at each site, and each site's aesthetic highlights. From this collection, four different photos of each site have been included in Mono County's MCRAT GIS dataset and 451 have been specially prepared for incorporation into Mono County Tourism's website to help visitors plan their trips here and to display the vast wealth of recreation opportunities Mono County offers.

A rich and verified dataset such as the one developed for MCRAT phases 1 and 2 represents an enormously valuable tool that the county may use as they consider possible opportunities and constraints for a variety of future projects. This data can be used by the county's GIS department to assist with planning efforts and in evaluating potential development projects, among other applications, and is the first of its kind in Mono County's history.

Presentation to Mono County Board of Supervisors (August 2010)

Download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation that MLTPA presented to the Mono County Board of Supervisors explaining the first phase of MCRAT - August 18, 2010

Mammoth Times 12/18/09

Download an article about MCRAT from "The Mammoth Times"

Mammoth Times 03/19/10

Download an article about MCRAT from "The Mammoth Times"

The Sheet 05/16/09

Download an article about MCRAT from "The Sheet"

Mammoth Times 03/19/09

Download an article about MCRAT from "The Mammoth Times"

Mammoth Times 10/30/08

Download an article about MCRAT from "The Mammoth Times"

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