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Sherwins Access/Egress Program - 2020/2021

Project Description: The Sherwins Access/Egress program provides winter only signage and information at three popular backcountry access points across the Town’s southern boundary. The Ranch Road Egress Route across the Snowcreek Golf course during snow on the ground months features distinctive signage placed and maintained by The Chadmar Group, the developer of Snowcreek VIII, in cooperation with the Town of Mammoth Lakes. Sherwins Access/Egress signage is stationed at the Sherwins Trailhead, Mill City, and the Sherwins boot pack during the winter season. The signs provide maps and information on backcountry etiquette and regulatory and safety/emergency information. Attached to the signs are avalanche beacon checkers provided by the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center (ESAC) for backcountry travelers to test their safety equipment. This component of the program is funded by Measure U. The Ranch Road Egress Route ensures that backcountry users follow the “egress only” route across the Snowcreek Golf Course over snow when exiting the Sherwins to respect private property rights and to preserve this important legal egress for future use. More information on the history and legal standing of the Ranch Road Egress Route is available below.

The Sherwins Access/Egress Handbook for 2020/2021

This season’s updated handbook contains all kinds of useful information, including a brief history of the program, protocols for messaging, signage technical information, and details on partner coordination. Click above to check out this year's version!

Sherwins Access/Egress Program Press Release Winter 20/21

“The Sherwins offer a wide variety of diverse winter recreation opportunities, including backcountry skiing and snowboarding experiences, which are directly accessible from the community of Mammoth Lakes.” So says the press release – click above and download now!

Sherwins Access/Egress Signage

Signage at the three major winter access points for the Sherwins have been updated for the winter of 2020/2021, click above to download a sample of what you can expect to see out in the field alongside the avalanche beacon checkers, which have been supplied thanks to ESAC.

Ranch Road Egress Route Signage

Signage for the Ranch Road Egress Route has been installed for this winter. Please respect the rights of homeowners and private-property interests by following the installed signage across the Snowcreek Golf Course. Click above for a sample of what to look for.

Ranch Road Egress Route - Mammoth Times in March, 2011

"Back in 2011, the Mammoth Times heralded the installation of signage for the Ranch Road Egress Route, declaring “The Ranch Road Peace Accords got another piece of reinforcement this week.” Click above to read the entire editorial."

Ranch Road Egress Route – The Sheet in March, 2011

The Sheet took a more subdued approach, leading with “A legal route leading backcountry skiers and snowboarders from the base of the Sherwin Range back to the town of Mammoth has been marked with directional signage.” Click above to read the entire editorial.

Ranch Road Egress Route - Sierra Wave in March 2011

“What once raged as a controversy has now become an organized way for backcountry skiers and snowboarders to gain access to the Sherwin Range and back to Town with marked directional signs.” Click above to read Sierra Wave’s Report.

The Ranch Road Gate – 2006

In 2005-2006, conflicts between backcountry skiers/snowboarders and private-property interests threatened to close the safest, most convenient winter egress route from the base of the Sherwin Range to the town of Mammoth Lakes. Click above to read what the fuss was all about!

This page last updated: December 28, 2020