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Hard Surface Multi-Use Pathways

The Mammoth Lakes Trail System has over 16 miles of maintained hard surface paved multi-use pathways, or MUPS, including the Town Loop and the Lakes Basin Path. These MUPs provide ease of access to soft surface trails in the Lakes Basin, the Sherwins, Shady Rest, and the entire Eastern Sierra.

Soft Surface Trails

The Mammoth Lakes Trail System includes a network of multi-use soft surface trails accessing wilderness areas and the public lands of the Inyo National Forest. Ongoing maintenance enhances user experiences and preserves the environment through the best practices of sustainable recreation.

Signage and Wayfinding

The signage and wayfinding program for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System, as recommended by the Town's Trail System Master Plan, has been fully implemented. Informed by a citizen's committee, the program includes directional and interpretive signage on the MUP and soft surface trail systems.

Last updated November 13, 2023