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Logo and Brand Guidelines

Project Description: Chapter 5 of the Trail System Master Plan (2011) recommends creating a unified system of design elements and signage for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System (MLTS). The branding for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System serves several crucial purposes. First, branding for the MLTS ensures information is presented clearly, consistently, and attractively throughout a trail user's journey, maximizing recognition of the MLTS. Second, by avoiding sign clutter, unnecessary messages, and disruptive design elements, consistent branding maintains the natural experience. And lastly, the branding aligns with the communication objectives and requirements of multiple jurisdictional partners.

In July 2013, MLTPA established the Logo and Brand Guidelines for the MLTS to uphold visual consistency in communication efforts. This branding presents the trail network as a unified product, maintaining consistent branding at every juncture. These guidelines are implemented across various platforms, including the website, signage and wayfinding program, and community outreach initiatives. The brand encompasses logos, QR codes, map designs, and sign graphics featured on MLTS signage, brochures, social media,, t-shirts, and even a beer can.

Chapter 5 from the Trail System Master Plan

From Chapter 5: "The challenge is to create a system that is consistent at every point in the user’s experience. Consistency facilitates anticipatory value, which breeds comfort, which enhances the visitor experience. This will require a careful blending of the objectives of all of the jurisdictional partners."

MLTS Logo and Brand Guidelines

The Trail System logo is designed for specific uses to maintain consistency and the integrity of the brand. It is recommended that the logo be used without making modifications or alterations to the graphic. For example, changing the logo’s orientation, applying effects, or rotating the logo is not recommended.

Last updated January 14, 2024