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Mammoth Lakes Trail System - Trail Hosts

Project Description: The concept for the "Trail Host" program grew out of the rapid growth of multiple user groups on the Mammoth Lakes Trail System as evidenced through year-over-year data collection. A physical presence on the trails was determined to be the best way to 'help users have fun.' In 2019, the Mammoth Trails Committee allocated Measure R funding to launch the Trail Host program. A pilot program in the winter of 2019 focused on the Shady Rest Winter Trails. Users were happy to see the Trail Hosts out on the snow, and encouraged a continued presence. A summer pilot program for 2020 was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in early July, once protocols were established for public safety, the summer pilot Trail Host program re-launched. An influx of visitors came to Mammoth Lakes during the summer of 2020, and the Trail Host program grew rapidly, with the addition of five hired Trail Hosts and opportunities provided for community volunteers. If you'd like to be a Trail Host, please send an email to

USFS Project Proposal

The MLTS and the USFS worked together to establish a community-based trail hosting program. Click above to review the proposal outlining the partnership and goals for the program. This proposal was accepted in the Fall of 2019, launching the Trail Host Pilot Program.

Winter 2019-2020 Report

This report documents the data collected by Trail Hosts during the winter 2019-2020 Pilot Program. Click above to check out the data regarding users encountered, dog leash use, and host observations.

Summer 2020 Report

This report documents data collected during the summer of 2020 Pilot Program and the financial costs necessary to expand the program. Large crowds brought high engagement, but also issues with trash and parking. Click above for the full report.

Trail Host Data Collection - Interactive Map

While out on the trails, Trail Hosts collect information on interactions and document their observations. This interactive map shows all data collected and photos taken in the field. Click on different points to see images and notes from the Trail Hosts.

COVID-19 Best Practices for Trail Hosts

When the coronavirus pandemic restricted work, the MLTS had to re-evaluate working in the outdoors and engaging with the public. Click above to review the current MLTS COVID-19 Trail Operations Best Practices document.

Trail Host Job Description

Trail Hosts are employed by MLTPA, providing contractual services for the MLTS. Click above to check out the job description and contact if you are interested in joining the team.

Trail Host Volunteer Information

In order to provide opportunities for the community to engage with visitors, the MLTS offers volunteers the opportunity to host. Volunteers work with Trail Host staff answering questions and mitigating challenges. Join us as a volunteer! Review this document for more information.

MLTS Trail Host Program

MLTS Trail Host Program

Trail Hosts bike, ski and hike throughout the year interacting with users, answering questions and offering advice. Hosts also help keep our space beautiful through extensive clean up efforts. Check out the photo gallery to see Trail Hosts in action - Coming Soon!

Last Updated May 15, 2024