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MLTPA GIC Large File Downloads

Welcome to the MLTPA GIC (MLTPA GIS Inventory Contract) Large FileDownloads Page!

Listed below are seven large files that relate to the MLTPA GIC and are available for download via FTP at

You will need a user name and password to access the FTP; please send an e-mail to request that information. Once you have access to the site, please right-click the filename (or click it while hlding down the Option key on a Mac) to download the file you're interested in. And we're not kidding with the fancy bold text: some of these files are quite large.

What follows are the individual names of the files as they will appear on the FTP site, short descriptions, and their large file sizes.

MLTPA GIC Narrative and Inventory Sheets, Updated April 20, 2008

MLTPA GIC 4-20-08_Nar+Shts.pdf (50 MB PDF): This is a 362-page PDF that documents each of the approximately 200 MLTPA GIC points. A 23-page narrative at the beginning of the document provides useful and important information on the MLTPA GIC project.  

MLTPA GIC Map April 8, 2008

MLTPA_GICMAP_04_08_2008_24by36.jpg (12.2 MB JPG)
MLTPA_GICMAP_04_08_2008_40by60.jpg (
36.5 MB JPG)

There are two options for this map, which is an aerial view of the entire Town of Mammoth Lakes Planning Area with the MLTPA GIC points superimposed on it. It also contains important jurisdictional information.

The first option is the full map optimized for printing at 24 by 36 inches at 300ppi. This map clearly shows the MLTPA GIC points and important jurisdictional boundaries, but street names and other specific details are not readily visible. This is a 12.2 MB JPG.

The second option is the full map optimized for printing at 40 by 60 inches at 300ppi. In this version, street names and other details are discernible when viewed at full size.  This is a36.5 MB JPG.

CAMP (Concept and Master Planning) Exhibits 

The following four maps were produced for the the CAMP: SUMMER and CAMP: WINTER public events as part of the Town o Mammoth Lakes Trail System Master Plan update:

CAMP: SUMMER Exhibits:

Summer_Facilities_v2.jpg (135 MB JPEG): This map documents existing summer conditions for trails and "feet-first mobility" within the Town of Mammoth Lakes UGB (Urban Growth Boundary). This is a 135 MB JPEG.

Lake Mary Road Bike Path 36x54 (81.1 MB PDF): This document describes GIC points and the Mammoth Lakes Trail System outside the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) consistent with the Lake Mary Bike Path, currently under construction.

CAMP: WINTER Exhibits:

Winter_Facilities_v7.jpg (200 MB JPEG): This map documents pedestrian travel during winter months within the Town of Mammoth Lakes UGB (Urban Growth Boundary). It is a 200 MB JPEG.

Winter_Access_Portals_2-4-08.jpg (271 MB JPEG): This map documents wintertime recreation activity portals, trailheads, and access points that fall outside of the Town of Mammoth Lakes Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). This is a 271 MB JPEG.