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MLTPA GIS Inventory Contract (MLTPA GIC)

Project Description: On August 16, 2006, the Town of Mammoth Lakes approved a resolution to contract with MLTPA for completion of a "comprehensive map and inventory of all trails and points of public access between the Town's urban limit, the Town boundary and the surrounding public lands." Thus, the MLTPA GIC (MLTPA GIS Inventory Contract) -- a direct result of MLTPA's presentation of the Mobility Plan Resources Report to Town Council and the Planning, Tourism & Recreation, and Public Arts commissions -- was born. Presently in its fourth iteration (most recent updated on April 20, 2008), the MLTPA GIC has provided critical baseline data for the 2009 Trail System Master Plan update and has proved to be an invaluable tool in neighborhood district planning and the assessment of development projects and other planning efforts in Mammoth Lakes.


See the "MLTPA GIC Large File Downloads" page to access files from the latest update of the MLTPA GIC (April 20, 2008).


Click the links below to download documents explaining the history of the MLTPA GIC:

Announcement to the community and request for volunteers for the data-collection process

Letter of introduction for field volunteers for the data-collection process

Field-sheet directions for the volunteers

Raw field sheet

Samples of completed field sheets

Narrative accompanying the MLTPA GIC, explaining its discipline and protocols


Here's the flyer used to solicit the volunteers who made the first iteration of the MLTPA GIC possible.


Here's what the MLTPA GIC points look like on a map -- lots of little yellow dots!CAUTION: This is a pretty big file (13MB) and may take a while to download.


Review the original collection of photographs from 2006 -- the first set of documented access points as collected for the MPRR. This was the first step of the MLTPA GIC.


MLTPA Development and Community Relations Director Kim Stravers wrote a series of articles about the MLTPA GIC for the local media.

Last Updated October 3, 2023