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Geographic Information System (GIS)

Project Description: MLTPA develops and maintains the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System (MLTS). MLTPA is responsible for creating reliable and user-friendly recreation maps that are accessible on the MLTS website, wayfinding signage, and printed materials. To ensure data accuracy and facilitate project collaboration, MLTPA works closely with federal and local government agencies. By establishing strong partnerships, MLTPA guarantees the quality and accessibility of data for initiatives related to the MLTS. MLTPA's GIS database serves as a centralized and comprehensive resource containing crucial information about outdoor recreation sites and trails in Mammoth Lakes across land management jurisdictions. MLTPA regularly updates the GIS database to reflect any changes or additions.

The public can easily access MLTS maps online by visiting, allowing them to explore and plan their outdoor adventures effectively. MLTPA's print map products are available on signs throughout the MLTS and on

The Mammoth Lakes Trail System website provides up-to-date and seasonal information about trails based outdoor recreation opportunities in the Mammoth Lakes region.