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Hidden Creek Crossing Special Study

Project Description: "The Shady Rest site ('Hidden Creek Crossing') is centrally located in the Town of Mammoth Lakes, one block south of Main Street and two blocks west of Old Mammoth Road. The site encompasses just under 25-acres and includes a wetland on the northwest portion of the property (Map #1). The property is heavily forested and the overall terrain is relatively flat. Properties adjacent to the Shady Rest site include both commercial and residential properties. Commercial areas exist north and northeast of the site. Properties west and south of the site are residential (Map #2). There is limited frontage to existing public rights-of-way from the property and; therefore there is limited access to surrounding streets. The site is commonly used by the residential communities to the west and south as a pedestrian 'cut-through' to the commercial areas. The site is also used as a small bike jump area in the summer." – from "TOML Shady Rest/Hidden Creek Crossing" Concept Brief

MLTPA comments - Hidden Creek - May 13, 2008 (125KB)

In May of 2008, MLTPA provided written comments to the Town of Mammoth Lakes on the Hidden Creek Crossing Special Study.