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Town of Mammoth Lakes Draft Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Project Description: "Parks and recreation opportunities in Mammoth Lakes contribute to the Town's quality of life throughout the year, and allow people to experience the area's spectacular natural environment. Combined with the area's abundant open space and recreation trails, parks and recreation facilities promote a healthy, active community and enhance the Town's economic vitality. This Parks and Recreation Master Plan assesses the Town's recreation needs for the future and establishes goals and policies that will guide park improvements. It contains an analysis of the supply, demand, and needs for park and recreation facilities and services within the Town of Mammoth Lakes, and includes a comprehensive assessment of public and private facilities available in and around Mammoth Lakes. It also recommends implementation strategies to help meet the challenges of providing parks and recreation facilities." – from "Executive Summary"

Parks and Recreation Master Plan (23MB)

The final Parks and Recreation Master Plan adopted by the Town of Mammoth Lakes on February 1, 2012

MLTPA comments - Parks and Rec Master Plan - Feb 14, 2008 (92KB)

In February of 2008, MLTPA provided written comments to the Town of Mammoth Lakes on the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

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