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Lake Mary Road Bike Path

Project Description: "What is the Lake Mary Road Bike Path Project? The Town of Mammoth Lakes contracted Spiess Construction Co. Inc., to construct a Class 1 bike path (separated from traffic) for bikes and pedestrians from the intersection of Lake Mary Road and Minaret Road (SR 203) to Horseshoe Lake. The alignment of Lake Mary Road will be adjusted to make room for the bike path along with pavement rehabilitation from Juniper Ridge Road to the lower Twin Lakes Bridge.

"Project History and Process: Preliminary engineering for the bike path started in 1998 with a Project Study Report that formed the basis for a funding request to the State Transportation Improvement Program. Funding was approved and subsequent environmental studies were started in 1999 and 2000 with a Draft Forest Service Environmental Assessment published in January of 2001. Public comment was incorporated into a Final Environmental Assessment published in September of 2001. A lengthy TOML and Forest Service review and approval process led to approval from the Federal Highway Administration of the Environmental Assessment in March of 2003. Detailed engineering drawings were started, however, the State budget crises in 2004 led to several years of funding delays. Construction funding was finally approved on February 1, 2007." – from "Frequently Asked Questions: Lake Mary Road Bike Path Project"

Lake Mary Road Bike Path Project Map (806KB)

This is the original contract map for the Lake Mary Road Bike Path.

Lake Mary Road Bike Path FAQ (52KB)

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions for the Lake Mary Road Bike Path Project.

MLTPA comments - Lake Mary Road Bike Path - Jan 23, 2007 (146KB)

In January of 2007 MLTPA provided written comments to the Town of Mammoth Lakes on the Lake Mary Road Bike Path Project.